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Our Tramedic™ line of life-saving trauma kits are developed to be used by anyone, regardless of their level of medical knowledge.

Emergency Response Kits

Be prepared for the worst-case scenario with response kits and specialty sub-kits.

The public is often the first to respond to disasters, and TRAMEDIC™ places life-saving treatments in their hands, because sometimes injuries are so serious you don't have time to wait for help. TRAMEDIC™ accomplishes this by incorporating a mix of intuitive products and simple instructions, which empowers them to save lives.

Tramedic™ Wall Kit

The wall-mounted Tramedic™ kit, housed in a sturdy aluminum sleeve and secured ...

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Product Number: 60-0001


Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit

The Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit is designed for use in industrial facilities, educational ...

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Product Number: 60-0005



The Tramedicube™ contains the essential Tramedic™ sub kits needed to respond to ...

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Product Number: 60-0003


Tramedic™ Individual Response Pack

The Tramedic™ Individual Response Pack is a compact kit that focuses on ...

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Product Number: 60-0004


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Vacation with Blood in the Water

  The weather is heating up and that means it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy a vacation. No matter your destination, the goal is to have fun and relax as much as possible. The last thing on your mind when planning what to pack is probably a trauma kit but it shouldn’t be. A serious […]

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