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There are many safety and security considerations that go in to the preparation of a public event or location, including if there are adequate medical resources on site should something go wrong. As we have unfortunately seen in recent years, tragedies can occur at any time in any public place, such as movie theaters, marathons, schools, and concerts. Whether an act of violence or serious accident, victims could need lifesaving medical treatment immediately. Even if law enforcement is already on site, it could take hours for a scene to be declared safe and EMS able to fully render their services. But with the proper knowledge and equipment, anyone can become a first responder. Tramedic™ trauma kits and training provide the necessary skills and gear so that every life that can be saved will be saved.

Public Venue

TRAMEDIC ™ Solutions for the Public Venue Environment


Crossgate Church

Arkansas - Crossgate Church equipped their security team with several Tramedic™ Cabinet Kits. Every team member completed training to be ready in the event they would ever need to use their Tramedic™ gear. One of the security members praised Tramedic™ as one of the best kits with pre-loaded instructions that he has ever worked with.

Public Venue

Tramedic™ Solutions for Public Venues:

Tramedic™ Wall Kit

The wall-mounted Tramedic™ kit, housed in a sturdy aluminum sleeve and secured ...

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Product Number: 60-0001


Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit

The Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit is designed for use in industrial facilities, educational ...

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Product Number: 60-0005



The Tramedicube™ contains the essential Tramedic™ sub kits needed to respond to ...

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Product Number: 60-0003