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Why do schools need trauma kits? According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were 160 active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013, with the frequency of incidents increasing annually. Schools pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and institutions of higher education have accounted for over 24% of these incidents, making schools the second most vulnerable location for an active shooter event. Additionally, educational facilities have accounted for some of the higher casualty counts in active shooter events. Although more than half of these horrific events ended in five minutes or less, devastating damage was already done. Law enforcement responds within minutes, but it could take hours for a scene to be declared safe. Meanwhile, victims of the event could need lifesaving medical treatment immediately. A Tramedic™ trauma kit places the necessary equipment in anyone’s hands… So that every life that can be saved will be saved.


TRAMEDIC ™ Solutions for the Schools Environment


Henderson State University

Arkansas - Henderson State University equipped their campus with Tramedic™ Wall Kits, designed for highly-populated areas. Henderson State is the first institution of higher education to implement the Tramedic™ Response System.


Tramedic™ Solutions for the school environment:

Tramedic™ Wall Kit

The wall-mounted Tramedic™ kit, housed in a sturdy aluminum sleeve and secured ...

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Product Number: 60-0001


Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit

The Tramedic™ Cabinet Kit is designed for use in industrial facilities, educational ...

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Product Number: 60-0005



The Tramedicube™ contains the essential Tramedic™ sub kits needed to respond to ...

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Product Number: 60-0003