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In today’s world you never know when a serious injury will occur. Being prepared for when it happens doesn’t have to be scary, overly expensive or difficult to manage. The goal of TRAMEDIC™ is to place real life saving treatments in regular people’s hands because sometimes injuries are so serious you don’t have time to wait for help. TRAMEDIC™ accomplishes this by incorporating a mix of intuitive products, simple instructions and effective training videos to ensure you and your organization are prepared for the worst.


When you open a TRAMEDIC™ kit, you won’t find a box full of Bandaids and a claim that the kit can treat 50 people. You will find top quality life-saving devices that are simple and effective in buying time for critically injured people: Items like a tourniquet used by soldiers to stop severe bleeding, bandages to cover serious cuts and dressings to treat someone that is badly burned - truly life saving devices that can easily be used with minimal instructions.

Just because we take care of the big stuff doesn’t mean we don’t help you with the little things. There is also a sub-kit for treating minor things such as scrapes and removing splinters in every TRAMEDIC™ kit.


Every kit and sub-kit includes a detailed set of instructions. TRAMEDIC™ doesn’t just tell you how to use the product; it tells you when to use the product. A color coded flow chart leads you to the proper kit ensuring the most life threatening injuries are treated first. Once the kit is open, individual component instructions are matched to the product by color and number guiding you step by step through the treatment process without having to flip through the pages of a book.

Training and Education

We all know this is serious stuff, but by offering online training videos in a format that you can watch with people of all ages takes the edge off and allows you to educate the most squeamish or sensitive members of your staff, family or organization. The online training site also provides the ability to assign videos to individuals and to track their progress on a training manager dashboard. This greatly reduces the workload on an organization's safety manager and simplifies the implementation process.

Kit tracking

Since conducting inventory and tracking numerous small items is such a tedious task, we decided we would do this for you. For a small fee, TRAMEDIC™ will track every item in your kit by lot number and expiration date and we will send you an email notification when you have something that is about to expire.

You also have the option of doing this on your own if you decide it is something you would like to have, but don’t want to pay us to do it for you.


We also took steps to ensure you will know if someone has tampered with your kit. Serial numbered tamper evident seals are used on the closure mechanism of TRAMEDIC™ kits. If someone opens a kit to take a Bandaid, you will know.

No one scenario is alike and when an accident happens the severity can range across the board. Having the tools and training to effectively respond to almost any incident is the difference between first aid and truly effective first aid.

That is the TRAMEDIC™ Difference.